Qeyno UbuntuHack Hackathon Winner – WOKE

Qeyno is an inclusive innovation company committed to transforming children’s lives, their families, and community through the magic of play, empathy, and discovery. During the weekend of February 17, 2017 myself and two other IDEO’ers participated in the UbuntuHack – a hackathon between communities in conflict, gathering youth and police.

Qeyno invited activists, tech companies, churches, and community organizations to take part in identifying solutions that will create more safe spaces for everyone.

I’m very happy to share that our team WOKE took first place at the hackathon. Myself and a Google-alumni mentor helped realize the vision of three youth participants, and they all went home with a new laptop and a fellowship opportunity with Qeyno Labs.

WOKE is a fully prototyped platform designed to connect arts and activist organizations to create clearer and more impactful messaging for specific social causes.

Our user research identified a clear problem: despite wide awareness, Pew Research reports that one third of Americans familiar with Black Lives Matter say they don’t understand the goals of the movement.

There is a clear need for activist movements to better communicate their platforms and objectives, and we felt that by connecting activist passions with beautifully designed messaging we could help achieve these goals. In addition, our prototype featured a live, working text messaging system to drive participation of the right activists carrying the right messages at the right time, helping to create greater social impact through thoughtful organization.