Interactive Wall Art Panels

The idea behind this project came from headphone parties, where each attendant is given wireless headphones on a dancefloor rather than filling the room with music. The idea here is to make one’s mobile part of the experience with the space, and also giving me the ability to share richer content like video, websites, etc.

By tying the codes to redirect URLs on my site, I can update the content of the panels at any time to change the experience without modifying the art. This opens up a number of possibilities such as randomized URLs, real time changes to the panels, etc.

I was able to add little touches to the panels themselves by encoding with QR error correction level “H”, which builds redundancy into the pixels allowing 30% of the code to be obscured.

The top two purple panels (“better with” & “a friend”) are designed to work together, requiring two mobiles for the full effect.