Generative #Emotions

💔 Please note that due to Instagram API changes this demonstration no longer pulls images. Technology is a pain sometimes…

Social media captures an enormous array of our collective emotional expressions. At a macro level I am fascinated by how we define #love, #happiness, #sadness, etc.

Yet each individual has their own unique interpretation of a given emotion, and a personal motivation for tagging their content with that emotion.

Sometimes the expression is false and the motivation selfish, e.g. SPAM and/or shameless self promotion.

This social content is continually generated, sometimes hundreds of times per second. These generative works allow the viewer to examine a live stream of our collective expressions of emotions (including the SPAM) and re-renders it infinitely.

Works on desktop or mobile, and renders best on Webkit browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

#generative #3d #css #javascript #livestream #mobile