Colleen Quen Documentary Short

Licensed by Current TV
A documentary short about an up and coming San Francisco fashion designer during the weeks leading up to her headline appearance at San Francisco Fashion Week.

Production Notes
I came into this piece about halfway though production. Originally intended as a pilot for a reality TV series, I was brought on as the video editor, to contribute my expertise on general production, and to help with other post production work. I also became the official cameraman during the filming of the fashion show, performing all backstage and interview camerawork. Video editing was performed on AVID Composer. The project was shot on MiniDV using a variety of cameras.

Crew & Credits

Producers – Melissa Sun, Martin Bui, Yealee Song
Director – Melissa Sun, Sean Mulholland
Cinematography – Martin Bui & Sean Mulholland
Video Editor – Sean Mulholland
Sound Designer – Sean Mulholland