©2015 Google – Real Future Fair, SF

The Real Future Fair was held in November 2015 at the Innovation Hangar in SF, CA. Organized by Fusion, the fair focused on creative conversations on how technology is changing our world.

As part of the conference they partnered with Newhive, a multimedia publishing platform focused on emerging net art, to host an online art call. One of my submissions was screened at the event.

©2015 Google
This work is an exploration of the concept of creative ownership in our digital age. Using Google Street View, I surfaced prominent street artworks from around the world. These works are inherently public domain and were never intended to be bought or sold, yet the Street View images of them are clearly marked “©2015 Google” as those digital representations are part of Google’s suite of services, a clearly for-profit organization.

Making the issue more obtuse, Street View is (mostly) open, embeddable, shareable, and free. One could argue that the existence of these works on Street View makes them more accessible, despite the copyright. None the less, Google has the power to revoke access to them at any time.

See the piece on NewHive here